OMG! How to fix my cousins broken nose?

Answer go to the hospital

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What do i do about my broken nose?

For starters.... cotton balls, tissue....Pack your nose OR simply pinch the nostrils. AVOID SWALLOWING ANY BLOOD....Not a good thing if enters the lungs.....Possible clots if that happens....You mu... Read More »

May have broken my nose...How can I tell?

Is my nose broken Please help!?

" I kind of have 2 black eyes. " - Those are eye bags, dear. Caused by stress, lack of sleep, etc.If it was broken, you would be able to tell. It would be completely out of place and bruised. If it... Read More »

How can you tell if your nose is broken?

No it isn't the same thing happened to me(well not exactly instead of a book shelf it was a car door)I had a bump, but it didn't llok croked and it didn't bleed. The pain and bump just went away a... Read More »