OM - a magical sound can cure lot of ailments -has any body tried ?

Answer Some sound vibrations have been scientifically proven to stimulate and relax the body. The "Om" vibration, is sort of chanted/hummed from the lower stomach or naval, and when done in the correct b... Read More »

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How do I hook up a Haier sound bar to tv Tried with RCA cables but I get no sound from tv.?

Most likely the RCA are inputs not outputs. The TV needs to have an audio out. Either optical or RCA. If it doesn't you need to send the audio directly from the source (cable box, dvd player, blura... Read More »

So what's the best hangover cure you have ever tried?

You've just reminded me have a little number I opened the other week it needed to breath, a lot.

Is there a hangover cure that's tried,tested and true?

Awww, poor RP! Are those the residue of the last night? Happy birthday one more time!Have some steaming tomato soup (homemade, please) with a spoonful of vinegar in it. It really helps. Don't ask m... Read More »

How can i cure my daughters chapped and sore lips which she has all year round. Ive tried everything!?

There is an ointment in a green tin canister that is "utter balm." I believe you can buy it in the drug store. My mom swears by it and uses it for most everything, my sister used it for her childre... Read More »