OK which do you prefer Burger Kind , Mc Donald's OR Wendy's and why?

Answer Burger king for breakfast, Mcdonalds for dinner.

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Mc donalds, burger king, taco bell, wendys, jack in the box, del taco?

Which fast food burger do you like more Burger King , McDonalds, or Wendys?

Whataburger is the best fast food place ever (it's a Texas thing)! Of the places you named, Wendy's is my favorite because the Chili is awesome.

Burger king or mc donalds?

If we're looking for the best taste and value, I'd say Burger King. The whopper is huge, the meat is nice. At Mc Donalds the burgers are tiny, and they are known for their meat tasting like carton ... Read More »

What Reasturant is better Mc Donalds or Burger King?

Well personaly I dont really like fast food that much but if i had to pick... i would pick burger king! McDonalds is WAY............................... to greesy!!! Its like a heart attack on a bun!