OK i need some help on passing because my friend is stupid?

Answer First of all, you have a lot of nerve calling your friend "stupid" when you were the one who swallowed a pill handed to you without checking what it was first. You obviously thought to check AFTER... Read More »

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How to convince my friend she's being stupid?

If you tell someone that it's a mistake but they don't listen, you can hope they don't make a mistake, but if they do at least they should learn from it. (If her way goes well, then there is nothin... Read More »

Demerol 50 mg Drug abuse Stupid friend...?

Your friend has a problem, a very serious addiction. Snorting these drugs shows he is probably deeply addicted and out of control. Taking drugs this way is a quicker way of getting high and in of ... Read More »

I am so sick of my friend and her stupid vegetarian diet. What's next?

I am vegan and I do agree with you that she should not be reminding you all the time of what you are know. When she calms down and hopefully she will speak to you, you could say some... Read More »

Is it stupid that my friend isnt allowed to wear a tampon!!!!!?

Please ask your friend about her culture and religion. Many different religions have traditions and beliefs around menstruation and what might be odd to us is accepted tradition in their faith. I... Read More »