OK geeks solve this one?

Answer Obviously this is a printer issue, otherwise why else would you post it here.

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Computer geeks, can you answer this?

actually the answer is yes they can,if you didnt format the hard drive,File information is maintained in a directory so your operating system can find it. All that “delete” does is erase the fi... Read More »

Iphone 3g firmware312 Carrier Cosmote When I go in Safari this pops up Could not activate cellular data network pdp authentication failure How can you solve this?

Yes, you'll have to pay more. You have to get a data plan that is either $15/month for 200mb or $25 for 2GB. The data plan includes unlimited usage with AT&T Wi-Fi, basic access, and Visual Voicemail.

Help me to solve this please!?

Right click on your desktop,(not on an icon) and choose "properties". If you have Windows 7, choose "Screen resolution"Change your screen resolution to higher numbers, this wil make the icons small... Read More »

What should I do to solve this?

You will need to find out if its the button thats not functioning properly first then you can purchase spares and replace it yourself if you have the ability.Alternately you could take it to a phon... Read More »