OK I need to buy an outlet charger for my Kodak camara..........By next saturday!!!!?

Answer Apparently your camera (the M753) comes with a Li-Ion (rechargeable) battery. At least, we hope it did. You might double check and make sure it's rechargeable (Li-Ion = rechargeable, Lithium = NO... Read More »

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Should I remove a usb car charger from my 12V car outlet when the usb car charger is not in use?

I'd remove it. It doesn't really present a problem to the car or it's electrical system but the electrical system could glitch and may damage the charger. If the car tends to sit for long periods... Read More »

How to Make a Car Charger Work With a Wall Outlet?

Car electrical systems have the benefit of uniform power requirements and connections throughout the world, as all cars use 12-volt batteries and come equipped with a cigarette lighter adapter. Bec... Read More »

Do I need a Kodak memory card for a Kodak camera?

I would recommend getting a Kodak memory card for a Kodak camera, but you don't need to. If the memory card fits and can be used for a camera, I think it should do fine.

Does leaving a charger cable in a plug outlet waste electricity?

I was just thinking about this too! Hhaha. But yes it does. As long as something's plugged into the outlet, it still "consumes" electricity. (Idk what other word to use.) Even if your TV is plugged... Read More »