OH NO! Please help me! I accidentally.....?

Answer Go to your recycle bin, and if you still see your paint icon in there, right click on it and press restore.

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Accidentally cut my ear?

hmm i dont think it will.. but if it wont stop bleeding hold pressure on it maybe it will help

I accidentally and im 15?

I accidentally ate a bug!!!!!?

Most insects are harmless and actually loaded with protein. Chocolate covered ants are quite expensive and eaten by many people around the world. Crickets are good too, I hear.

Accidentally stuck a Q-Tip all the way into my ear?

I can guarentee, as a biochemist, that if there was bleeding you punctured your eardrum which is not good but not too bad. Below is some information. perforation is a hole in the eardrum. Eardrum p... Read More »