OH MY GOD this is sooo scary....please help?

Answer I think you are freaking out a little to much. Don't post it and see what happens... I doubt a clown shows up at your bed side. How would they know you didnt repost it and you read it??

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Why is it sooo hot outside ?

I am sooo hungry but can't eat...?

Seeing as it's now 11pm, if I were you I'd just go to bed and sleep through it. When you get up in the morning, have a big drink of water and a couple of barley sugars then plan a few things to ke... Read More »

Sooo anyone do this with google?

i use google all the time...for some reason i don't like other search engines like yahoo, ask, msn, live...they just feel weird and i'm not fond of the look, so i always use google. If i had to pic... Read More »

Sooo sick Please help!!!!!!!?

You have a virus, congratulations! You need to keep on resting and taking ibuprofen (Advil or generic). Gargle with salt water. Drink hot tea. And you can have something more substantial than sugar... Read More »