:O I just saw Richalynn on tv!?

Answer f-ck you Callumhahawait, are you and Hanna getting rioted? D:edit- lol I saw it on the news and thought of you guys:O

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Richalynn I fell asleep earlier for like an hour and I had a dream about you!?

omg hahathat is awesomeProbably because we were talking about how I met your mother that one time, and yeah.

If I just buy an iPhone 4 just the phone no contract, can I just put my sim in it & and it work?

Yes, but you should first check if it works with your SIM card and carrier. For instance, I live in Canada and bought iPhone 4 from someone. I'm using it with Chatr (company name). It belonged to R... Read More »

Is it safe to become pregnant just five months after you just had a baby?

%REPLIES% Answer Yes, very possible. Even if you are breast feeding the first child. I know kids who are ten months apart. That would have made the mom pregnant when the first one was a month old... Read More »

I just bought Bach rescue remedy did I just waste my money?

Try exercising. It has been proven to help with anxiety.I do wish you all the best life has to offer.