Nvidia gt 630 vs nvidia gtx 670?

Answer The GTX 670 is leaps and bounds faster than GT630. According to PassMark scores, the GTX 670 is roughly 6 times faster than the GT 630. 700w is more than enough to power it.

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Nvidia GeForce GT 540 M v.s. Nvidia GeForce GT 630?

If it's in a laptop they will both be mobile GPU's . In the case of the GT 540M and the GT 630M, it's a little interesting. If the GT 630M is the GDDR3 version then it's just a renamed GT 540M, the... Read More »

Should I get the Nvidia GTX 660 TI?

If into gaming, tests show that despite lab scores of G3D matching between HD 7850 and HD 7870, the actual gaming performance in frames per second is between an HD 7950 and HD 7970.It shows AMD is ... Read More »

How to Establish Nvidia SLI?

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ATI or Nvidia Intel or Amd?

You're getting such a variety of answers because we have no idea about your computer budget and your purpose.nVidia is typically better bang for the buck than ATI, especially in mid-range gfx cards... Read More »