Nvidia Graphics card help on Linux?

Answer Unfortunately you do not indicate which distro. you are working with.However here is the Official Ubuntu Nvidia Documentation…LUg.

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How to Get Your Nvidia Graphics Card Working on Linux?

NVidia is an industry leader in the gaming industry. Their graphics cards increase the ability for computers to render thousands of triangles on a screen that translate into 3D graphics. This is ho... Read More »

Type of graphics card to run Compizfusion(linux) help?

Pretty much any 128mb Graphics card with 3D capability, along with 512mb RAM.A really good inexpensive Graphics card is the GeForce FX 5200…LUG.

Can you use a Nvidia graphics card& also a Radeon card in the same computer?

ATI and Nvidia cards cannot be used simultaneously in the same computer. Two identical Nvidia cards can be linked together with SLI technology, which is not supported by ATI. ATI uses Crossfire to ... Read More »

Nvidia Graphics Card?

you can find out all your quires in any of the following (considering you are an Indian)just go the support or help column and they will guide you w... Read More »