Nvidia GeForce GT 650 GDDR5, Good?

Answer It will run it but not at very great quality. Diablo will run slow. The ram is good but 8GB is preferred. The i 5 processor is basic. try finding an i7 and the graphics card is slightly better then... Read More »

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Is the Nvidia Geforce 220 1gb good for minecraft?

Minecraft has bad graphic, so it's too good :D

Nvidia geforce gt 520 1gb ddr3 is good gameing card?

I've used it for a few months It's okay with games like FIFA 12 and PES and skyrim It lags a bit with crisis 2 It also lags a bit with BF3 and MW3 So, if you don't really mind about quality and wa... Read More »

What Nvidia Geforce graphics card are good for gaming?

Use one with a higher second number. GeForce series cards go by series and then how good of a card it is in that series. Go for one like a 580, 9800, 295, something like that

Is Nvidia GeForce 9600 GT 1GB a good graphic card?

That doesn't seem like the best card, but if you are looking to only be playing older games like you mentioned (crysis 2, gta iv, etc) then that should do the job. You will most likely be getting a... Read More »