Nvidia GT 630M vs. Intel HD 4000?

Answer The GT 630M would be better than the Intel HD 4000, but not by much. It would provide a better viewing experience for HD video and a slightly better gaming experience.

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Which is best A PC with 2.5 GHz Intel i3 and a Intel HD Graphic 4000 or a PC with 2.2 GHz Intel i3 with ...?

2nd one. Dedicated graphics is ALWAYS better than intel HD 4000, or any embedded graphics for that matter. Basically intel HD is good for feeding data to your display, and doing video decoding, It ... Read More »

What is better: Shared Intel HD Graphics or Intel HD Graphics 4000?

Any graphics that is shared could drop the dedicated video ram down to as low as 64 mb , while the intel hd 4000 keep the video ram up , the better choice is the intel hd 4000 can get some gaming... Read More »

Graphics card vs Intel HD 4000?

The integrated graphics card is alright it will get you about 20-30 fps on guild wars 2.try searching for a gpu they should have some nice ones for your price range that will be able to ... Read More »

ATI or Nvidia Intel or Amd?

You're getting such a variety of answers because we have no idea about your computer budget and your purpose.nVidia is typically better bang for the buck than ATI, especially in mid-range gfx cards... Read More »