Nuvi 750 Troubleshooting?

Answer The Garmin nuvi 700 series of satellite navigation devices operates via GPS (Global Positioning System), using a constellation of satellites to provide location data. The nuvi device contains pre-l... Read More »

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How to Add Maps to a Nuvi?

The Garmin Nuvi is a handheld Global Positioning System (GPS) unit that enables users to pinpoint their location on a downloaded map using a global navigation satellite system. You can connect the ... Read More »

How do I Reset a Nuvi 260?

Perform a soft reset on your Garmin Nuvi 260 if the device is sluggish or non-operational. The soft reset simply turns the Nuvi off and then back on. Perform the factory reset if you wish to reset ... Read More »

How to Reset a Nuvi 260 Password?

Garmin Nuvi 260 users can lock the GPS with a feature called Garmin Lock. Garmin Lock uses a four-digit password called a PIN. You can also unlock the Nuvi without the PIN by traveling to the locat... Read More »

Specifications for the Garmin Nuvi 255 WT GPS?

Global positioning system (GPS) technology uses radio navigation, allowing users to pinpoint an exact location on land, in the air or at sea. The technology can operate during any types of weather ... Read More »