Nutrition question about protein?

Answer you want to eat it to a close time when you work out. more muscle will develop faster.=]

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Can i use my six star pro nutrition whey protein plus elite series after my workout?

Sure. but there are better ways to fulfill your protein requirements. Whey is not very healthy. And its manufacture is not all that appealing. Something about baby cows stomachs. If you're working ... Read More »

Nutrition Question: Food Pyramid....?

It is a bit Starchy and has been moved to the other category in the pyramid.Still think it is a veggie...

Why Is It That Whenever Someone Asks A Question About Protein...?

people just love to get in the business of those who are different. when i started to explore options for protein outside of meat, my friends were totally grossed out and said things like "why tort... Read More »

Question About "Incomplete" Protein?

Hi Hannibal, Just a quick comment on the part of the question where you inquired about 5 gms of protein plus 5 gms of protein possibly being equal to 10 gms of protein. From a chemistry or molecula... Read More »