Nutrition and weight.. 180lbs and need to get down to at least 120lbs?

Answer If your up for it...This a 5 week total-body workout that can help you get tight and toned from head to toe. I've already started doing this and I've started to see results. Hope it works for you.... Read More »

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How to Create a Nutrition Plan to Lose Weight?

Most people want to know the answer to this question: How many calories do I need to eat each day to lose weight? This question is often followed by: Are all calories created equal?These are both v... Read More »

Im 4'11 and weigh 115-120lbs (it changes)?

Sorry, but yes, you are overweight. However, you don't need to take the opinion of some stranger on Yahoo!, or go to the pediatric site below. You can ask your school nurse or see your family doctor.

I need alternatives to a nutrition problem?

1. Go buy the items yourself & get reimbursed.2. Transfer the patient to a facility that can meet their needs3. Contact the attending physician & let him deal with it.

I have tried to hard to lose weight or at least trim up my thighs and stomach I am a 15 year old girl?

Maybe it's the way you eat.stop drinking soda and eating super high calorie the labels on your fruits and veges everyday.There are certain foods that help with your metabolism l... Read More »