Nutrional value of finger nails?

Answer None. I would imagine dirt, unwanted bacteria, because finger nails are very dirty. I hope you washed your hands before chewing.

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About Finger Nails?

Fingernails are comparable to the claws that protect animals from predators and aid in killing prey. In humans, fingernails serve a much less important day-to-day role, but they are high on the lis... Read More »

How to Tie Dye Your Finger Nails?

Ever wanted to have nails like the image below but thought it was too hard or tricky for a normal person to do?

How to Strengthen Finger Nails?

Healthy and strong finger nails reflect how well we take care of our nails and hands. Weak and brittle fingernails are most often due to neglect. By protecting fingernails from environmental damage... Read More »

How to Harden Your Finger Nails?

Soft finger nails are fragile and can easily break. If your nails constantly break it'll be hard for them to grow. This article will teach you a method you can use to harden your nails. ... Read More »