Nutrients for Hydroponic Plants?

Answer Hydroponics describes a type of gardening where a nutrient solution is used in place of soil. This allows plants to grow more quickly by absorbing nutrients directly and prevents many root-borne di... Read More »

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Advanced Hydroponic Nutrients?

Hydroponically growing your own vegetables and fruits indoors during the winter months can be a satisfying hobby that cuts down on the grocery bill year-round. Hydroponic growing is also relatively... Read More »

Homemade Hydroponic Nutrients?

Hydroponics means growing plants in water. Plants need more than water to survive, and there are many premixed hydroponic formulas available on the market. All the ingredients that go into them can... Read More »

How often should you water hydroponic plants?

The frequency of watering hydroponic plants depends on a number of factors. Consider the type and size of the plants and the medium (for example, coco, perlite rockwool) used to grow the plants. A ... Read More »

Hydrogen Peroxide for Hydroponic Plants?

Hydrogen peroxide has many beneficial applications for hydroponic gardening. With a chemical structure similar to water, but with the addition of an extra oxygen atom, hydrogen peroxide increases t... Read More »