Nutrients for Healthy Hair?

Answer Essential nutrients for healthy hair include protein, vitamin A, riboflavin, vitamin C, zinc, calcium, iron and biotin. A diet rich in Omega-3 fatty acids will also help support healthy hair. Eatin... Read More »

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How much nutrients from grams, carbohydrates, fats, do I need to have a healthy weight loss diet in a day?

That would depend on the total calories you need a day for a weight loss diet, and how much weight your body can afford to lose per week in a natural, healthy way.First work out how much calories y... Read More »

Nutrients for Hair Growth?

Natural hair growth can be promoted by your diet, if you know what to eat and what results to expect. There are a plethora of nutrients that not only assist in hair growth but also protect its stru... Read More »

Food Nutrients for Thinning Hair?

Numerous remedies have been offered for men with thinning hair--only a few of which actually seem to work. These include pharmaceutical drugs, toupees, surgery or a variety of creams and gels that ... Read More »

Nutrients to Prevent Gray Hair?

As we age, our hair shafts produce less and less of the color-producing pigment known as melanin, and eventually we get more and more gray hair. To keep your natural color longer, try some of these... Read More »