Nursing Leadership & the Multi-System Structure of Healthcare?

Answer As life expectancies increase, the nursing workforce must grow in order to meet the varying needs of health care demand. The supply of competent nursing leadership within an expanding multisystem h... Read More »

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In the current U.S. healthcare system, who pays for the healthcare?

does everyone pay for insurance, and the insurance pays for their healthcare â–¬ that is the basic premise of insurance.Do we pay for some, and then our insurance pays for the rest â–¬ this is the ... Read More »

How to Use Indicators for Quality Healthcare in Nursing Homes?

The healthcare industry constantly strives to provide the best care for you and your loved ones during times of illness or after an accident. To ensure this goal is reached, indicators have been pl... Read More »

Qualities of Nursing Leadership?

Nursing leadership is, in general, based on the ability to inspire other members of the hospital or health care organization staff to work together in pursuit of a shared or common goal, such as en... Read More »

Nursing Leadership Strategies?

According to the Director of the Nursing Leadership Institute, Dr. Rose Sherman, "Facilitating the growth and development of staff is an important nursing leadership function." Nursing depends on m... Read More »