Nursing Aid Certification?

Answer Nursing aides care for people who are unable to perform daily life activities without assistance. They work in hospitals, nursing homes and in the homes of their patients. According to the U.S. Bur... Read More »

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How to Get an RNC Nursing Certification?

RNC stands for "Registered Nurse, Certified," which indicates that you have been certified at the national level as a nurse in a medical specialty area. You must already be an RN with some experien... Read More »

Obstetrics Nursing Certification?

Registered nurses who plan to work in obstetrics may want to think about obtaining certification. While it is not usually a requirement for employment, most employers prefer to hire obstetrics nurs... Read More »

Legal Nursing Certification?

Certified legal nurses are consultants and act as a liaison between the medical and legal communities. Legal nurses help attorneys prepare cases that involve extensive medical knowledge and review.... Read More »

CCRN Nursing Certification?

The credentialing organization AACN Certification Corporation has administered and developed the CCRN credential since 1976. Although people commonly misinterpret the brand name and registered serv... Read More »