Nursery school concept ?

Answer This site has lot of information on how to make pre-school learning fun and enjoyable

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How to Make a Concept Map for Elementary School?

Concept maps are a brainstorming method that simplify and organize ideas. They are not limited to abstract, complex projects. As a visual tool, even elementary school students can benefit from havi... Read More »

How to Use a Concept Map as an Assessment Tool in Elementary School?

Concept maps are graphic displays of information that are clear and easy to understand. To create a concept map, a student must write the main idea in the center of a paper, draw a circle around it... Read More »

What is a Nursery School?

Our school is called a nursery school, it is NOT a daycare. Our school is over 30 years old and I think when it was named, nursery school was a more popular term than preschool. I don't think the... Read More »

Funded pre-school nursery placements....?

My son went to private nusery when he was two because I needed child care whilst I went to work. The Inland Revenue, through Working Tax Credit, helped me out with part of the expense. I remember... Read More »