Nursery admission help. ?

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Nursery admission age?

maybe they tested your son and think that he is not ready! some schools like to select the smart children to be taught so that the teachers wont feel depress much in teaching. but some schools are ... Read More »

Nursery help needed please?

Waiting lists are tricky, the child may wait until the next year, who knows when someone may be relocating and moving to another facility. You need to know if your child needs interaction with othe... Read More »

Application form help - nursery nurse?

What kind of experiences to you have with children? How do you handle them? Have you babysat before? Babies in the nursery constantly cry...can you handle the noise? :-) Babies need constant atte... Read More »

What is the difference between a nursery nurse and a nursery assistant?

A Nursery Nurse has a formal qualification - NNEB - which requires at least two years college training and she can run her own nursery, be left in charge of pre-school age children and can supervis... Read More »