Numismatic Grading Criteria?

Answer Numismatic grading criteria emphasize a coin's eye appeal. Coins that are free from major wear, scratches and defacement are awarded the highest grades on the Sheldon scale, a rating system which d... Read More »

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Differentiated Grading Criteria?

A differentiated classroom is where teaching is directed at different learning styles and skill levels. Differentiated instruction adjusts the content of curriculum to the response and needs of all... Read More »

What Criteria Should I Use for Grading an Elementary Essay?

The criteria for grading elementary essays can include district learning standards, 6 Trait writing standards and/or specific objectives. There are hundreds of aspects to writing an essay, even at ... Read More »

What is a non-numismatic coin?

Non-numismatic coins are mass manufactured, and are often made with a single strike from a minting press. These coins are different from numismatic coins, which are made of multiple strikes for gre... Read More »

Who is Numismatic Authentication Company?

The Numismatic Authentication Company (NAC) is a third-party company that grades coins. NAC is known in the coin collecting community as a "self-slabber," a company that grades and sells their own ... Read More »