Numerous questions on the FAFSA refund check?

Answer 1) Does everyone get it?No, not everyone gets one. You have to have enough financial aid for it to be MORE than your bill at the school. Some folks don't get enough aid and actually owe more mone... Read More »

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Want to buy Camcorder for a mac, numerous questions. quite clueless thank you!?

You did not tell us which Mac, which operating system version or which version of iMovie you are using.The new MacBooks and the MacBook Air do not have a firewire port or a way to add one, so you w... Read More »

How to Check on an Income Tax Check Refund Date?

If you are expecting an income tax refund check, it is important to know what date it will be issued. You can check your refund date online through the Internal Revenue Service's website. If you fi... Read More »

How to Check the Status of My Government Refund Check?

When you owe the government money, the government will ensure that you are not slack in paying the debt. However, when the government owes you money, you have to take extra steps to request a refun... Read More »

FAFSA Questions About Parents?

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, can be a confusing application, especially when determining independent or dependent student status. The questions regarding parents will req... Read More »