Numeric keyboard no work?

Answer Press the "NumLock" key. Poof !!!

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How do I Change My Keyboard From Numeric to Alpha on My Aspire 3500?

The Acer Aspire 3500 is a portable laptop computer running Windows XP. The Aspire 3500 includes several lock keys and an integrated number pad. When the "Num Lock" key is activated, 15 keys are con... Read More »

My keyboard won't work on my desktop, even other keyboards won't work at all, what's the deal?

Two things.1) The USB socket could be broken - use a different socket.2) Has to start from a cold boot. Fully shut down to recognize a keyboard at start-up. Many desktops are not "hot pluggable" fo... Read More »

How to Work an RCA Wireless Keyboard?

WebTV and Ultimate TV are services that allows you to surf the Internet using your television as a monitor. With these online TV services, you must have a keyboard such as the RCA Wireless Keyboard... Read More »

I can't get my keyboard to work?

Happened to me couple of times on a laptop. You have 2 options:1. Take it in for repair, and they'll drop in a new keyboard (if you have a laptop) or,2. buy a USB keyboard and just plug it in.