Numbers Most Used in Expense Reports?

Answer Employees seeking reimbursement for business related expenses need to fill out an expense report. Expense reports are necessary to cover the cost of business related expenditures. Knowing the numbe... Read More »

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How to Avoid Submitting Suspicious Expense Reports?

Here is how to avoid red flags when you're doing creative accounting.

How to Deduct Drive to Work Mileage on Expense Reports?

If you are required to drive for work it is important to keep track of all your mileage and write down the information on the company's expense reports. The company later reimburses you for the mil... Read More »

Can a college student deduct their gas and food expense if used for commuting to school?

Not for regular college--that deduction is only for training required by an employer in order to retain a job, or if you are an adult with a family (your dependents) and are supporting two househol... Read More »

Reports Used in Managerial Accounting?

Managerial accountants strive to serve their customers by providing the financial information needed to do their jobs. These customers include managers and employees from inside the organization. T... Read More »