Number Sense Math Ideas for First and Second Grade?

Answer The term "number sense" refers to the concept that counting and numbering is a natural process that children already understand by human nature. In other words, students simply must be taught the p... Read More »

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Number Sense Basic Math Skills for Kindergarten & 1st Grade?

Math skills help children develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills that are useful throughout their lives. Children start to learn about math early on as they explore and start to handl... Read More »

Homeschooling Second Grade Math Ideas?

At the second-grade level, students are learning about addition, subtraction and the basics of geometry. It is important with young students to get them thinking conceptually about what these thing... Read More »

Second Grade Math Center Ideas?

Using math centers is one way that many important math skills can be learned. Second-grade students are able to do many activities independently, so second-grade math center ideas should be tailore... Read More »

Reading & Math Activities for First & Second Grade?

Quality picture books are powerful tools for teaching first and second grade math, especially books written with that purpose in mind. Primary students usually feel relaxed when gathered for story... Read More »