Number Rounding & Place Value Games for Kids?

Answer Many third-graders struggle to grasp the concepts of number rounding and place value. Teachers and home educators can help children understand the importance of place value and whether numbers shou... Read More »

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Rounding Number Games for Kids?

Rounding is a critical concept in math that students experience for the first time in elementary school. Because this concept comes into play in high school math, on standardized tests and in colle... Read More »

Rounding Games for Kids Under 10?

Rounding is an important math skill for children, though teaching young children how to sort numbers and round them is often a challenging task. Completing rounding games with kids under the age of... Read More »

How to Estimate by Rounding Each Number to the Same Place Value?

Estimating the answer to a calculation instead of solving it completely may save space, time, or effort. In return for those savings, however, accuracy is lost. When a problem requires rounding a n... Read More »

Place-Value Games for Kids?

Teaching place value, or extended number form, requires repetition and perseverance, especially with students who struggle to grasp the concept. Introducing a variety of games covering place value,... Read More »