Numb spot Please help!! 10 points!?

Answer Its just what happens when you put something on your body thats hard and tight like that, It should go away soon, Try putting some lotion on it and keep it warm. But go to the doctor just in case a... Read More »

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Im fingers are numb please help:(?

Jamed I use to get them all the time but if they are swollen tomorrow morning go to the ER you could have broke a nerve

PLEASE HELP PLEASE HELP!!! i will give 10 points to who helps the best!! THANKS!?

yesh it should do look here:…

PLEASE PLEASE ANSWER! Any way to make my toenails squared please help easy 10 points?

Fill them into the shape you want, or start getting pedicures. Pedicures are amazing and afordable and they paint them at the end as well. Honestly, one day you'll realize no one notices the flaws ... Read More »

Skin all over my body feels numb Please help?

You have to see an doctor for it, that's for sure. Hopefully there is no damage to your nerves, so he can check you and might have some medication to help you..