Nuclear Reactors Involved in Land Pollution?

Answer Nuclear power has long been associated with contamination of surrounding land and life. Since the advent of nuclear reactors, in the years before the atomic bomb was dropped, nuclear power factorie... Read More »

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How many megawatts are Navy nuclear reactors?

The actual output of any Navy reactor type is classified, but it's enough to power a small city. There are several types of reactors also, each with their own capability and output.

The Properties of Moderators in Nuclear Reactors?

Nuclear reactors are based on the "fission" process for generating heat energy to produce electricity. Fission is a chain reaction process that needs to be controlled for smooth and safe operation ... Read More »

Are nuclear reactors electrochemical energy conversion devices?

Nuclear reactors are not electrochemical conversion devices. They convert nuclear energy to electricity. You can do electrochemical processes easily, such as by charging a battery. Nuclear reaction... Read More »

Is there air pollution associated with creating nuclear energy?

On One Hand: Nuclear Power Plants Do Not Pollute the AirAccording to the U.S. Department of Energy, nuclear power plants emit no air pollution. This lack of pollutants, combined with increases in e... Read More »