Ntk Universal O2 Sensor Installation Instructions?

Answer Chances are, your automobile already has an NKT O2 sensor in it. Actually, it most likely has four of them. Most automobiles have one in each exhaust manifold and one in each down pipe, right in fr... Read More »

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Universal Four Wire Oxygen Sensor Installation Instructions?

An oxygen sensor is mounted on an engine's exhaust. The sensor is used to measure the amount of unburned oxygen circulating in the exhaust as it leaves the engine. The vehicle's onboard computer us... Read More »

Oxygen Sensor Installation Instructions for E30 Cars?

The oxygen sensor in your BMW E30 helps to minimize the contaminates in the exhaust and the resulting pollution. O2 sensors monitor the exhaust contents as they exit the exhaust and send important ... Read More »

OE Identical Oxygen-Sensor Installation Instructions?

Oxygen sensors monitor the fuel-to-air ratio needed in order for a combustible engine to operate properly with the least amount of harmful emissions. Once activated by heat, they transmit voltage s... Read More »

Installation Instructions for a Cam Sensor for a Ford Truck Diesel F250?

The camshaft sensor is part of the computerized engine controls on many vehicles. The camshaft sensor determines engine speed. This data is sent to the vehicle's main computer where the information... Read More »