Now that I'm eating vegetarian my gas STINKS! Any advice?

Answer It is because you're body is getting out all the animal waste that has been built up in your body from the years of eating meat. The best thing would be to eat a bit of a clean diet, no processed f... Read More »

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Any advice to someone who wants to become a vegetarian?

Do yourself a favor and invest in a juice machine. This is very important when becoming a vegetarian.Your can juice carrots and apples and have a great energy booster drink!. It great for your immu... Read More »

Advice for a vegetarian dinner guest?

Just tell them you want to be a vegetarian and that you are who you are and that you're sorry if they make meat for you

How can I become a Vegetarian if I like eating meat?

oh no, the vegetarians have gotten to you to, making you believe that eating meat is wrong and unhealthy for you. (I've heard it causes all sorts of dieseases). But no, the truth is, eating meat is... Read More »

Can u advice me some recipes high in iron, that r vegetarian?

Dark leafy greens have a high iron content, and ounce for ounce seeds and nuts have MORE iron than beef. So just eat a well-rounded diet, you'll be fine. If you're anemic, then add sesame seeds to ... Read More »