Now i do not have disc for xp home?

Answer if prob occers in windows then run back up if u hvnt any windows cd restore ur windows go to cntrl panal run back and restore ur windows

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I have s Samsung 5.1 blu-ray 3D home entertainment won't play a new blu-ray disc..?

Reading 2nd similar complaint of Samsung blu-ray this day. Samsung is know for such playback problems and failures in its PC DVD drives. The guy with similar complaint updated his player, but the p... Read More »

Hi have a hp paviion there is no disc in but i cant get the disc draw open any ideas ?

you should see a small pin hole in the front of the drive. probably bottom right. Push a paper clip in it very carefully and it will pop open. Is it plugged in securely inside the computer. Use you... Read More »

Does ripping CDs or DVDs actually rip it out off the disc so that disc doesn't have the original stuff on it.?

How to Repair XP Home With an XP Pro Disc?

Windows XP Home and Windows XP Professional are virtually identical, aside from a few cosmetic elements and the ways the operating systems work on networks. XP Pro, for example, supports domains an... Read More »