Noticed a bug bite thats very hard to the touch?

Answer Have you gone somewhere different lately? Some people react to different bugs in different ways, so if you've unwittingly come into contact with a bug you wouldn't normally see, this might be the f... Read More »

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Agree or Disagree: Anime Is very very VERY!!! addictive and hard to resist watching?

yesyou also wanted to know if I'm a girl or guy?Im a guyAnime that I've seen:Bleach (favorite)Death Note (other favorite)Pokemon (seen every season).HackDevil May Cry: 666Full Metal AlchemistDragon... Read More »

I noticed my five year old had some kind of insect bite ?

It is most likely a flea bite or a mosquito bite. I'd advise adding some insect bite lotion which can be found at your local pharmacist. In future make sure your child has a few sprays of insect re... Read More »

If your son hit the back of his head and a very hard knot has come up but no other symptoms except minor pain when you touch it this happened two days ago should you have this checked out by the Dr?

Whats a good band, thats not very well known?

GojiraBetween the Buried and MeKaki Kingedit:Why so many thumbs down for me already?? Dude these are all great bands/artists!!! WFT!!