Nothing shows up when i scan my negative film HELP!!!?

Answer If you are on a PC, try loading a negative and then push the Quickscan button. Also download VueScan and see if that works. If you can't scan with any of these programs, first uninstall the scann... Read More »

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Does a canon cano scan 8800f color film negative photo scanner have a operating system?

It has 'firmware' that run the basic scanning functions, as well as software (a 'driver') that allows it to be controlled by an imaging program such as Photoshop or Paintshop. The scanner also com... Read More »

Which scanner can scan negative films so that i can convert negative of photos into digital version?

These types of scanner are called "film scanners" and you can find a list of them here:…If you don't want to shell out that amount of money for a specialt... Read More »

Though i scan my pendrive when ever it is used outside, it shows some unwanted files when i open it after scan?

Use another kind of antivirus like avast, AVG to scan your pendrive and fix it

I am looking for a scanner that will not only scan 35mm but also scan negatives from a 120 film cartridge.?

Amazon has many, I saw one for various sizes:… is $100.More at…