Not sure if this is my period?

Answer It could be one of a few different things.1. It could very well be your body adjusting to the delay of the pill.2. It could be that you're spotting during ovulation (this IS a common occurrance) 3.... Read More »

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I'm 14 and might be pregnant you missed your period a week ago you no for sure I'm definitely not telling your mom but you don't want this kid HELP?

Hey im 15 and i went through the same thing but i came out negative. and do you usaully have diffrent dated periods? there lots of options you just got to find the one true to yourself no one else... Read More »

If you have leaked fluid from one breast for almost two months had a two day period last month but got negative test results and now this months period is late what can cause this?

AnswerYou may be pregnant, but just didn't get a positive result yet. Go see a doctor or take another home test. I would go to a doctor considering all of your symptoms.

I started my period two weeks early and i have no cramps at all and its a very light period i feel sick though like wanting to throw up sometimes is this because of my period and why is it so early?

It could be a sign that you are pregnant.Your "period" might actually be implantation bleeding.You should wait and do a pregnancy test when your normal period is expected

Is light period and spotting a sure definition of being pregnant?

Answer No a preganacy test is!!! Get one to test HCGH (human chorionic growth hormone) - gives the earliest detection