Not intending to offend anyone but,?

Answer TO DANCES_WITH_UNICORNS:hi, dances_with_unicorns. nice to meet you! now you know a vegan who does not take any supplements! :o)however do you deal with yourself? for you are a fool for having no kn... Read More »

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I hope this doesn't offend anyone but..?

I have to agree it's absolutely stupid that women and teenage girls come on here and ask if we think their pregnant. How should we know. I mean the only real way to find out is to test. And if you ... Read More »

Dont want to offend anyone!! Please answer?

That is a very hard question to answer until you are actually faced with the information.If you know that you would not make any changes then maybe not get the tests to find out, unless you wanted ... Read More »

Does this drive you crazy too (not meant to offend anyone?

Amen sister.... Well said and I agree with you 100% and yes I get pissed off at all the stupid, dumb questions on TTC.

I hope i don't offend anyone with this questions but if a person was born blind what do they dream about?

"Blind people’s dreams consist of a mix of all their remaining senses. Smells, emotions, and memories of different situations they have been in, interweave to produce dreams that are just as vivi... Read More »