Not intending to offend anyone but,?

Answer TO DANCES_WITH_UNICORNS:hi, dances_with_unicorns. nice to meet you! now you know a vegan who does not take any supplements! :o)however do you deal with yourself? for you are a fool for having no kn... Read More »

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What should i look out for when intending to buy RAM and installing them?

The only thing u have to watch out for is the compatibility. Check what type the motherboard needs (eg SD, Rambus, DDR, DDR2) and make sure your ram matches it. also, if you are getting more that o... Read More »

Could thIs offend someone?

Does the pic I have on offend you?

Does It Offend You, That I Work Even Though I Really Don't Have Too?

not unless it bothers you that i get to stay home with my kids and see their every moment, their first steps, first words, first "i love you", first everything, while you pay some nanny or day car... Read More »