Not feeling inspired in my work place, its really clicky?

Answer it's always difficult being the new person especially if you feel like you don't get along with people or everyone's already in a clique. i think instead of making it all make you feel self conscio... Read More »

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Is Hong kong best place to work and how are the people,place, food and culture?

HK might be an ok place to work if you are top management or in a high paying sector like a finance/trader/doctor/lawyer type job. Don't listen to Freely since anything about Mainland is bad and e... Read More »

What do you do when you are feeling sleepy at work?

Eating an apple will wake you up. it works for me. I hear ya, when pregnant I was verrrry sleepy all the time. It's a normal part of the process. Now go chow on an apple. Best of luck to you and th... Read More »

Stuck at work feeling nausea?

Don't resist, just go ahead and throw up. Body knows the best and is doing it for a reason..

What can I do to stop feeling do tired at work?

To answer this question correctly, you should state your age, job,health conditions and any other personal data that is pertinentto your general state of mind such us, depression status ofmarriage,... Read More »