Not Wearing Retainer?

Answer Sarah you are dumb no offense but your teeth will shift and it will hurt so I would suggest to put your retainer back in your mouth and keep it in and how old are you takin out your retainer for as... Read More »

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Will wearing a retainer move my jaw?

No, it will cause problems with your jaw. TMJ issues. Not so much the jaw itself but the joint. You won't be able to bite like your supposed to. If your looking to move your jaw it doesn't work lik... Read More »

So... I haven't been wearing my retainer... ?

Personally, i had braces for two years in middle school (im now a senior) then i never wore my retainer for a similar reason to yours. Basically my teeth have shifted somewhat but not enough to wor... Read More »

My teeth and gums hurt after wearing my retainer?

my retainer feels like that too if i keep it out for a while, if you keep it in as much as you possibly can than it will totally not hurt at all. but if you keep taking it out it will just hurt mor... Read More »

If I start wearing my retainer again, will my teeth move back?

I'm guessing not enough time has passed since you got your braces off so that your teeth have locked in enough. After 2 or 3 months there is a very good chance you won't even be able to get your re... Read More »