Nose piercing jewelry sinking into nose Should I have it removed?

Answer Take it from a piercer, remove it, or get a stud with a larger head and longer post. Your body is not rejecting it, the hole is getting bigger and the stud is sinking into the hole. The puss is fro... Read More »

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Nose Piercing Jewelry Types?

Nose piercings are one of the most common facial piercings worn today, according to Easy Body Jewelry. The tradition of having a nose piercing has roots in Indian, Middle Eastern and African cultur... Read More »

About Nose Piercing to Earring Chain Jewelry?

You don't want to get a boring old nose ring, nor are you satisfied with just earrings or simple jewelry chains. However, if you put the three together, you can have a smashing look that will wow t... Read More »

My nose is bigger on one side after nose piercing?

It could be what's left of an abscess from the infection you had. If it's not too much bigger or it's not super noticeable, I really wouldn't worry about it.


That's normal and you'll be fine. Your nose will stop swelling after a week. (well,according to my septum piercing) it won't get infected as long as you clean it with the sea salt spray twice a day... Read More »