Nose bleed: Hold your head up or down?

Answer Neither.Make sure that you hold your head straight forward.If you tilt it back, blood can drain down into other areas like your lungs, which can obviously cause problems.The position of your head w... Read More »

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When experiencing a nose bleed is it better to tip head forward or back?

Lean forward see advice at link below.Leaning back can cause blood to go down your throat etc which is not advisable.

Is it bad if you accidentally ingest some blood from a nose bleed from bending your head backwards?

It won't hurt you. There are actually some cultures that drink animal blood as a delicacy. If you swallowed a bunch though it may make you puke. I know it would for me.

How can i get my nose to bleed?

Hit yourself in the nose as hard as possible.

What to do for a nose bleed?

A nosebleed can be scary to get--or see--but try to stay calm. Most nosebleeds look much worse than they really are. Almost all nosebleeds can be treated at home.If you get a nosebleed, sit down an... Read More »