Norway Spruce Planting Conditions?

Answer The Norway spruce, Picea avies, is a fast-growing conifer tree. The tree is often planted as a single ornamental, or as part of a windbreak. The Norway spruce is native to central and northern Euro... Read More »

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How to Transplant a Norway Spruce?

Transplanting a Norway spruce, like any other evergreen, is best done when the tree is young and fewer than 6 feet tall. Norway spruce has a tap root that goes almost as deep into the ground as the... Read More »

How to Trim a Norway Spruce?

Norway spruce is one of the toughest trees that ever lived. It looks sweet as a seedling, and is often placed too close to a house by those who don't know that it can reach a height of 60 feet or m... Read More »

Norway Spruce Uses?

Norway spruce trees, which have the scientific name "picea abies," grow well in a variety of environments. These large green conifers grow in multiple countries around the world, including most of ... Read More »

Norway Spruce Facts?

Pyramidal in its shape, the Norway spruce is the fastest growing of all the spruces. Native to central and northern Europe-including Norway, where it gets its name-- the tree is found throughout mu... Read More »