Norton scanner makes computer slow when scanning ?

Answer This most likely indicates that Norton is using a majority of your CPU while it scans, leaving other programs very little CPU power.Norton has been known for that for several years as it is a prett... Read More »

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My scanner is scanning really slow... idk what happened?

I would re-install the scanner. Begin by uninstalling the software and do a fresh setup. their is something that is probably sharing the address which is why it is slow.

Why does Norton slow a computer down?

Norton antivirus slows down a computer because it will try to use the majority of your computer's systems to run checks and install updates. The settings that users establish will often be overridd... Read More »

Does Norton Antivirus slow your computer down?

Yes, it made my computer very slow and unstable. It wiped out all of my email also. You should remove it immediately. I highly recommend McAfee. Your computer will not slow down, and it is very saf... Read More »

Does Norton Security system slow a computer?

Norton Security does slow a computer a bit, but it is worth it to protect against harmful viruses, adware, pop-ups, worms, bots and Trogan horses. Norton is a fast, reliable and secure Internet sec... Read More »