Norton keeps saying Fraudulent Webpage Blocked on facebook?

Answer Gordon Bennett another person with this. I would keep off for now pet that is exactly what mine said what a liberty!

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Is this normal when on facebook norton appeared and said Fraudulent site please exit?

I wouldn't trust Norton, my brother had problems with it.

Help please with facebook problem. I wish to add doorbell on my profile but it keeps saying error try later?

Theres a doorbell on facebook?I didn't know that.It sounds like another one of their glitches i don't think there is alot you can do till they fix the problem.Ive actually signed in and had a look,... Read More »

Why is my blu ray DVD player saying it's blocked?

No they can't. Most commercial discs have a region code and players will check the region before playing. If the region code is not the same as the player, it simply won't play. This is a commercia... Read More »

Can keystroke logger software be blocked by Norton firewalls?

Firewall settings within the antivirus program Norton 360 will block keystroke loggers that attempt to steal your passwords. Norton can also block hackers, phishing scams and run authentication sof... Read More »