Norton 360 software problem?

Answer Best option would be to use the support option and let Norton support figure out what is wrong. Many times the automatic check you have to run first can find/fix issues. If not then you'll be put... Read More »

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Norton says i have 23 viruses but all the other software i have say i have none!?

I don't think it says viruses it probably says threats and it you click on show details it will show you what those threats are. Most likely they are tracking cookies. The free version of Norton is... Read More »

Can you reinstall Norton without the software?

No. You cannot reinstall Norton without the software. You need to either have the software on a CD or as an installation file. You can also download it from your Internet Service Provider if it giv... Read More »

What is Norton AntiVirus software?

Many people depend on their computers for their careers, and they must have a way to protect their work. Norton AntiVirus is a software program designed to keep computers and their content from bei... Read More »

How do I activate Norton 360 software?

Activating Norton 360Make sure you have Internet access to activate your Norton product. Launch Norton 360, click on "My Account," choose "Activate Norton 360," enter the product key when prompted ... Read More »