Northstar Service...Wants to clean our dryer vents. Is this type of service needed and what are the benefits?

Answer Why not just get a friend to help you pull the dryer out from the wall, then using a screw driver, remove the vent hose. Shake the dust out of it and put it back. Cost, maybe a beer or two...... ... Read More »

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How do I clean dryer vents and airducts?

Most dryer owners simply empty the lint filter, the device that collects fibers and debris that falls off of clothing during the drying process, on a semi-regular basis, and fail to tend to their d... Read More »

Who installs dryer vents?

Dryer vents direct the heated exhaust from clothes dryers outside of the home or business. The vent connects to the dryer by a duct and extends through an existing wall or on the rooftop.TypesAppli... Read More »

How to Keep Rodents Out of Dryer Vents?

A rodent entering your dryer vent can be frustrating and even potentially hazardous. If a rodent decides to make a nest in the dryer vent area, your dryer's venting capability could be compromised ... Read More »

Who replaces roof dryer vents?

Call a couple roofing companies and maybe Home Depot (they contract up jobs) or look at Angies List for handymen. Price out the unit then add some profit and you should have a good idea as to the ... Read More »