Normal procedure and prep?

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Is head pressure and ringing in the ears normal after a dental procedure?

AnswerNo! You should call the dentist! Make sure that they did not do anything wrong. Good luck to you.

I just got braces and my orthodontist wants to remove one of my central incisor teeth. Is the procedure normal?

Oh my gosh, at first I thought you were talking about your top teeth and I was horrified he'd suggest that. XDYes, removing one incisor on the bottom row is normal. I had a LOT of crowding on my bo... Read More »

The duty of all within the sector to safeguard children including the difficulties in situations where your concerns may not be seen to be taken seriously or when following normal procedure through?

My son had wisdom tooth surgery and his gum is now infected he couldn't ship to boot camp and was discharged from the DEP is this normal procedure and can he go into DEP again?

When I tried to join the Navy back in 1978, I was also having major wisdom tooth problems and as a result failed the physical. I was told to have a oral surgeon take care of everything and that I c... Read More »