Nontraditional Students at Community Colleges?

Answer Community colleges -- a good choice for high school graduates -- also serve nontraditional students, or adults who wish to return to school to advance their careers or extract themselves from low-p... Read More »

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Colleges for Nontraditional Students in Tennessee?

A non-traditional student is one who is usually older in age than a traditional student and has at some point interrupted or put aside their college education due to other adult life responsibiliti... Read More »

Why Students Cheat in Community Colleges?

A 2003 study found that 45.6 percent of community college students admitted to cheating at least once. However, this rate is not more significant than those reported by four-year institutions: 47.2... Read More »

Women Students & Community Colleges?

Women have long used community colleges to obtain associate and technical degrees. Careers in nursing, cosmetology, medical technology or even plumbing or electrical work have allowed many women to... Read More »

Older Students & Community Colleges?

Older students, typically referred to as adult learners, are an increasing demographic at community colleges. Adult learners are defined as students who are attending college at age 25 or older. Ma... Read More »