Nonprofit Marketing Differences?

Answer A nonprofit marketing department differs from a for-profit marketing department in a variety of ways. The team is often underpaid in comparison to colleagues who work at for-profit companies. This ... Read More »

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How to Create Marketing Materials for a Nonprofit Organization?

While nonprofit organizations are not in business to make money, they still need to attract clients and customers, as well as funders, volunteers and attention from the community they serve. Many n... Read More »

Why Is the Marketing Plan One of the Most Important Elements of the Marketing Process?

The marketing plan is important because of the multiple roles it plays in the marketing process. As a summary of a firm's overall marketing direction and goals, it guides current decisions while es... Read More »

How to Get a Marketing Job Without a Marketing Degree?

Marketing is a popular, yet growing job market. Traditional marketing has changed with the rise of the Internet and it continues to change with the rise of social media. Although many people follow... Read More »

How to Get a Tax ID Number for a Nonprofit?

A tax identification number is a nine-digit number that is assigned to both individuals and entities for tax purposes. Tax identification numbers comprise Social Security numbers, as well as employ... Read More »